Here’s How It Works:

➤ Find the CHAT in the lower right hand corner and open.

➤ Type your name & Email where requested.

➤ Now type your “Target Offer” website/affiliate link/URL where requested.

➤ IF you have found a Domain in the INVENTORY CLICK HERE… that you think would be a good fit for your offer… copy & paste that Domain, in the field where requested. I will take a look at it and give you my opinion if it would be a good fit.

➤ IF I’m “Offline” type a message in – “Additional Comments” – with instructions that will help me locate a Domain for your offer.

➤ Now click SEND.

➤ Allow 24 hours for me to find a Domain or give you my opinion on the Domain you selected from the inventory… if it would be a good fit for your offer.

➤ Watch for an email with those results.

➤ IF I’m “Online” please be patient. when you complete the form, for a response. It may take me a few minutes to respond because chances are I’m helping someone find a Domain for their offer.

➤ When you chose a Domain(s), at that time you can request a 5-30 day TEST – Rent or Buy that Domain(s), to prevent others from Testing – Renting or Buying the Domain before you do!